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News and Updates

"The Nightfall Patch"

This may have to be one of the most controversial game updates in Armajet history... the Nightfall has now been tweaked. Many of you may call it a nerf but does it really seem like one? Or is it just a rework of the most advanced and powerful weapon in the game. True Nightfall connoisseurs can now appreciate the risks and rewards... others can remain fearful of the dreaded crossbow "one-shot" rifle.

Update 0.99.20 (iOS/Android) brings much, much more than just a Nightfall tweak! Let's jump right in to dissect the changes in what came in extremely hot (and last minute) before the first Armajet Beta 2.0 2v2 Tournament presented by Mobile Gaming League this weekend!


V1 of 'Spectator Mode' gets a quick bump! Now selecting a player's flightsuit while in spectator mode retains camera zoom when unlocking from camera-follow! Users can now pinch-zoom freely throughout spectator view, keying into any action points or switching from user-to-user with more ease. It's not perfect by any means but it does give an early look into spectating as we tweak these specific controls. Streamers and tournament organizers can now host custom tournaments, duels or private parties as spectators with ease. Enjoy!

Pinch-Zoom Camera Controls!


  • Considerable netcode and lag compensation upgrades = smoother gameplay with ALL weapons (further explanation on Dev Stream 2.0!)
  • SPECTATOR Tap-to-follow Camera (V1) easing upgrades - unlocking from camera follow retains camera zoom, allowing for smooth pinch/zoom capability!
  • Reworked respawning locations to take into account enemies and enemy spawnable perks - no more spawning on top of a rail sentry turret... yikes!
  • Improved power-up, pickup and kill-confirmed "XP" VFX upgrades - plus an added 'burning gold' smoke trail on active double-damage buff!
  • Visual pickup timers have now been added for all pickups and powerups on maps - now easier to 'time' these game changing items!
  • "QUIT TO MENU" button has been added to the Intermission Lobby
  • Users are now able to rejoin disconnected CUSTOM GAME lobbies (only) while a match is in progress—holding their slot in a team in case of an unfortunate drop in connection (future upgrades to this system incoming...)
  • Home screen background VFX upgrades—and new one-handed camera pose while we figure out what that second hand does with all the different gun models ;).
  • ... and of course a mountain of general bug fixes for smoother gameplay!
Visual Indicators/Timers for Power-ups!


  • NIGHTFALL: Major fire mechanic change from Hold-Release to Hold-Aim and Timed Release to Fire! The dreaded Nightfall now cannot be released during charge up, instead it releases forcefully after 0.8s like the Velocitas (...but there is a very SMALL window of opportunity before 0.8s to release the bolt). Needless to say, the weapon is considerably the most advanced weapon in the game, but does come with the necessary risks with its obvious rewards. Bolt reload time reduced 20%, Travel speed increased 25%, time to explode reduced 40%. Nightfall bolt now follows crossbow-like trajectory (straighter arc) but with slightly reduced range (NERF/TWEAK).
  • QUANTUM damage down from 15 to 12; reload time slightly increased (NERF)
  • VENOM total ammo down from 15 to 9 (3 bursts in a clip), range reduced by 25%. "Goo baby" lifetime reduced from 3s to 2s. (NERF)

SBM Commentary: Passionate feedback about the above weapons have definitely shifted our attention into tuning them! Both the Quantum and Venom were give just a tad too much oppression and were ultimately "keep away" guns pre-patch. The Nightfall in general defeated shotguns at close range which ultimately couldn't be the case—now the Nightfall carries quite a bit of risk, but for high-level players who can leverage its ability to one-shot... this maintained 'reward' shouldn't be a problem! Have fun with a more balanced weapon patch as we look onwards to improving certain shotguns...


Mobile Gaming League (MGL) will be broadcasting the Round of 16 bracket today, July 28th, 2018 beginning with the Round of 8 on—tune in at approximately 8:15 PM CEST (11:15 AM PST / 14:15 PM EST) and cheer on to see who emerges victorious in this first-ever Armajet Beta 2.0 DUOS tournament!

If you haven't yet checked out the prizes, head on over to to find out! If you're competing, we wish you the best of luck and look forward to shipping you some 3D Printed Blacktusks and the coveted Limited Edition WHITE Armajet Helmet Graphic Tee!


Remember, updates come VERY quickly in Armajet Beta 2.0 (major updates every two weeks)—check any of our previous Developer Updates to see our progress. Good luck, have fun, and we'll see you in game!

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