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News and Updates


We've been extremely busy super bees, but we definitely want to point out the significant gameplay updates brought in by Update 0.99.16/17! Two major things are hot topic updates: our favorite airborne sidekicks death-machines are back from Drone University and Weapon Controls have been tweaked to "Hold-Release" for all weapons that were 'Flick'-fire previously. Of course, along with these important upgrades, we've provided a few more small/awesome upgrades (along with more bugfixes) that increase overall quality of life within the game.


Flame Drones... now extra spicy!

All drones have effectively received their graduation diplomas and are ready for deployment! Machinegun, Flame, Lightning, and Rocket drones now take to the sky! If you're reading this as a veteran, Drones have been out of commission for some time due to game crashes - they've been re-tuned and now spawn in as part of your complete Armajet ultimate perk arsenal. Use them wisely as they patrol and protect around you. Hint: wise commanders can use them to soak up damage when heading into a firefight!


Another major 'Controls' update hits users starting with 0.99.16/17. All weapons that were previously 'flick' style firing mechanics have now been reworked to be 'hold-release' mechanics! This means that we've gone from four broad firing mechanic categories to three which we can describe and categorize as:

  • Hold-Aim to Fire (Easiest, for example: Blacktusk)
  • Hold-Release to Fire (Medium, All 'Flick' style weapons turned into this, for example: Badger)
  • Hold-Aim and Timed Release to Fire (Hard, for example: Velocitas)

The 'Flick' category has been merged into 'Hold-Release' and many advanced/veteran players can actually still use the twitchy-flick mechanics in these weapons if they choose to do so. Re-assigning weapons into Hold-Release mechanics does provide increased accuracy and control, but also brings various weapons back into meta and ultimately creates an easier entry for new users coming into the game. We have yet to observe less fun commentary or experienced any slowing down of gameplay (or safer play) in general. What we do notice is that weapons like the Badger and Havoc are making incredibly explosive comebacks into the game and ultimately that is the goal and balance we would like between weapon usage and new user experience! Note: it's not to say that the 'Flick' category is long gone... some weapons and possibly secondaries could be reverted back to this advanced mechanic... only time (and community) will tell!

Primary Weapons (Changed from Flick to Hold-Release)


  • Spectator camera and flightsuit lock-on follow controls make a return! We're still tuning V1 of this feature to perfection for the next update, but making sure you and your friends + tournament organizers are able to play with this feature is important to us. We'll be iterating and scaling up the robustness of Spectator Mode quite a bit!
  • iOS Haptic Feedback has quietly been introduced into 0.99.16/17 (on the other hand, sorry Android users) - this is enabled by default so give it a try! Hit confirmations give you haptic feedback and the more powerful the hit/force of projectile or explosive, the 'harder' the haptic feedback. Check this out and let us know how you feel about it! ;)
  • MAGMA has been given slight VisualFX upgrades—more fiery lava things all around!

Remember, updates come VERY quickly in Armajet Beta 2.0 (major updates every two weeks)—check any of our previous Developer Updates to see our progress. Good luck, have fun, and we'll see you in game!

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