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News and Updates


Update 0.99.9 has been an amazing ride so far and the release of Temple 2.0 has only raised the competitive fervor of the community! We certainly feel it and we appreciate the participation on all fronts—from social media contests, live streams, to weapon content submissions. We know we’ve just begun but we want to remind you all that we’re listening to your feedback and working as fast as possible to get the features you want and need back into the game. If you’ve tuned into the dev streams or are a weekly subscriber to our VODs 1, you’ve seen some pretty amazing things (leaks!) to come. If not, definitely visit the official Armajet YouTube channel to get caught up! Our update schedule remains 100% on point with big updates every 2 weeks to 1) increase and refine gameplay stability 2) bring back features and maps you know and love. Here’s to our amazing week in review…

MOON 2.0


Flame Drones... now extra spicy!


One of the most wanted map comebacks by the community… welcome back Moon! Known as the de facto Capture-the-Flag team-based map standard, Moon has been completely upgraded with an incredibly detailed background space scene of a moon, surrounded by near-miss asteroids and shooting stars. Further enhancements include even more detailed fauna and vent effects, foreground reflective panels based on your position, and pulsating energy light-bridges. Take some time to look around before you hit that ‘Join’ button!


We heard you and therefore here are the latest changes you can expect going forward with these two rather dodged weapons in prior updates:

  • Thunderstorm has been BUFFED: Damage = 9 (+50%, up from 6), Reload time decreased (-17%).
  • Quantum has been BUFFED: Damage = 15 (+25%, up from 12), Projectile Velocity decreased (-8%), Firerate increased (+25%)

If you’re experiencing a slighty more overclocked than normal Thunderstorm in the game currently (it’s at 12 damage, yikes), we happened to have pushed a server-side hotfix addressing the “Quantum reload visual glitch.” These weapon stats are attached with these weapon fixes and thus these weapon buffs went along for the ride. Nonetheless, definitely enjoy Thunderstorm and Quantum earlier than usual and let us know what you think!



Longclaw makes it to the Weapon of the Week #ArmajetBounty submission program this week! This crowd favorite hold and release sniper rifle is ready to receive some much needed content love and we’re definitely excited to see what kind of combos the community pulls off. We personally want to see any Longclaw-to-Enforcer-to-Longclaw triple kills (very rare). Think you can secure this challenge? Show us and win!



Even Stream 2.0 gets an upgrade with our official Armajet stream now live on 6 preferred channels: Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, Mobcrush, and Periscope—all of which have premium transcoding enabled for the smoothest quality viewing experience possible (all the way up to 1080p). We’ve upgraded the ‘iPad Cam’ as well, delivering a 100% uptime view of how Armajet is played on mobile devices. On top of these upgrades, Stream 2.0 will now feature a ‘Valor’ leaderboard and Valor currency to be obtained just by watching and interacting with the stream (on Twitch for now). Stream Valor points can be exchanged for different Armajet swag items, social interactions, and even upcoming in-game unlocks when we’re capable. And, of course, giveaways remain on point mid-stream (smile).


  • Moon 2.0 completely upgraded visual effects! The moon spins, stars shoot across space, and energy light bridges glow very much!
  • “Beefy” netcode update is now ready and brings increased accuracies to entity pooling, projectile creation and destruction, client-to-server confirmations (and back), and highlights the potential of creating a replay system in the future… deep thoughts
  • ‘Check Connection’ indicators have been implemented to remind some users experiencing connection issues that some issues may not be the game itself, but rather the client-side connection
  • Complete product upgrade in anticipation of the big ‘Cellular Network’ fix (T-mobile and other cellular data users rejoice!)
  • Your guess on the map after Moon…