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News and Updates


This week was action-packed with the ending of our first community “YANNY vs. LAUREL” challenge (surprise, #teamyanny won by 200 kills 1!), early and near final previews of TEMPLE 2.0 as new 3D visual effects have been added (Temple is gorgeous!!), a bot and multiple sneak peeks of flightsuit customizations to come—if you’ve missed any of these, just catch this week’s dev stream as we prepare Build 0.99.8 to drop on your devices next week! Remember we’ve got major updates every 2 weeks, as promised, and so far they’ve been every Wednesday (cross our fingers over the long weekend!)


On top of our weekly Armajet Weapon Bounty Content Program, we’ve seen some great TDM gameplay submissions by our community members. We’d love to point you to CrisTheGarzaYT 3 (like and subscribe with us!) who put together a great recording of an “ULTRA-KILL” kill-streak reward! Check out the YouTube channel and clip, here 2.



The LOCUST received a tune up for Beta 2.0 and now serves as a very predictable and formidable straightline energy weapon. Submissions are due Tuesday, May 29th @ 12Noon (PST). Good luck! The Armajet Weapon Bounty Program will be expanding soon with better prizes! Details on this will be coming soon… just remember to keep recording all of your amazing weapon plays!

Big congratulations to Danerel 1, who’s IRONBARK “Yanny Boom” clip 2 won last week’s Weapon of the Week! We’ll get Bit Bot to send you your swag kit ASAP.



Lastly, take a look again at 0.99.8’s home UI. See anything different? All flightsuit models will receive additional coloration and details on the next patch. Enjoy the new eye candy and we hope you take the very strong hint that flightsuit customization will be a thing!


  • Temple 2.0 is out! As we mentioned last time there are now waterfalls, 3D bridges for improved look and feel of character shadows, torches, and vines.
  • “Beefy” netcode update has been postponed so that we can test the multifarious ways that it impacts things like entity pooling, projectile creation and destruction, and, you know, everything else!
  • Bot AI navigation improvements made to all of the maps. We sent the bots to bot university and now they’re much smarter! And have crippling student loan debt!
  • Game client will now prompt for updating if you try to open the app with an out of date version – so you know that in order to get the game to work, you must go download the latest and greatest from the App Store or Google Play!
  • Better Weapon Card images – now they look less plastic-y and more awesome-r.
  • Data for weapon mods updated in preparation for launch – 25 mods for each base weapon type.

Bugs Fixed:

  • User stuck in place after playing several matches
  • Unexploded Grenades, Proximity Mine, and Nightfall bolt briefly visible after explosion
  • Entity Pooling creating Double Kill when only killing one person
  • Overtime countdown audio
  • Perk whirring noises
  • Audio in spectator mode
  • Valor updating