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News and Updates

SNOWBASE 2.0 and PGConnects!

Armajet Beta 2.0 is well underway and this week we’ve highlighted and previewed twice what’s in store for the next major 2-week update (0.99.7 for iOS and Android). If you’ve missed any of those streams, check out these links: Armajet @ Mobcrush HQ: The Creator Show w/ ItsAwesomeJoey and today’s Dev Stream 2.0 1 which showcases the newest Beta 2.0 version heading your way next week. And, of course, we know you’re also looking forward to…


We’re making it very clear that this newer, sleeker ‘Snowbase 2.0’ is chock full of upgraded visuals, glow effects, snow effects, steamy vents, foreground railings and most importantly, background lightning! The battle definitely rages on during an intense lightning storm to provide you with even more eye candy during your kill streaks. It’s okay to zoom and ‘spectate’ for a few minutes to check out all the new effects!


Be audibly rewarded for your victories and reminded of your defeats per round. Each match also ends with a quick ‘VICTORY/DEFEAT’ animation pre-lobby. Speak of lobby, the voting system has been re-introduced so users will be able to select between Magma and Snowbase for the next round. More to come soon!


Weapon bounties will exist in-game and out-of-game. What better way to reward our content creators and playmakers with a chance to win all kinds of Armajet goods, Razer accessories, and future in-game unlocks? For complete details on the Weapon Content Bounty Program, please see this post. Remember, this week’s weapon of the week is the Havoc rocketlauncher. Good luck!




Super Bit Machine’s very own @Alex will be a keynote panelist @ PGConnects, San Francisco discussing ‘The Rise of High Fidelity Mobile Games’ with Razer and others this Monday, May 14th from 2pm to 3pm PST. If you’re already attending and are a huge fan of jetpacks and mobile games, stop by and say hi for some Armajet swag! We hope being on this panel showcases our love for competitive gaming, especially when it comes to mobile devices. See you in San Francisco!

0.99.6 TO 0.99.7 UPDATES (READ ME!)

  • Better recovery from context loss when sleeping or background the app on iOS and Android. In the event of a disconnection, we have streamlined experience to get back into the game. More UX improvements forthcoming to make this experience smoother.

  • MAP VOTING … as well as ANOTHER MAP so that there’s more than just the one to vote on. Introducing the new, sleeker Snowbase!

  • Added watermark to beta to provide build information to QA when you submit bugs!

  • Grenades hit devices correctly now!

  • Projectiles behave themselves and don’t end up sticking around the map or disappearing. Let us know if you capture any more of this naughty / bad projectile behavior.

  • Fixes in for scoreboard score / general “enemy players appearing on your own team” issues.

  • “Connecting” now times out after 10 seconds, which is more than enough time to connect, so that the user gets notified and can try to remedy their connection and get back in the game. (More investigation into why the “connecting” is timing out so often is happening as well, but we don’t have a fix yet.)

  • An internal change is that we now have user correlate-able logs from the client and the servers so that we can quickly and easily access the logs generated by specific players who have issues (you!) in an effort to Squash All Bugs

  • Implementing better app background callbacks and idle timeouts so that there are less “inactive” players standing in the game when they have really stopped playing

  • Mesh baking was not working on mobile, we have removed the code that was (not) doing this and are rebuilding assets so that there are less draw calls – which should be helpful especially for our Android users!

  • Medal clipping top bar fixed.

  • Emoji placement fixed.

  • Floating gibs in mid air fixed.

  • “Grey streak” (which are actually still-active effects / particles) translating into player avatar spawn point from the place they were killed fixed.

  • Map adjustments for “pixel walking” in. Some adjustments to our proprietary collision / physics engine ticketed for future work.

  • End of round player progression animations complete – so now you get an at-a-glance view of your XP level progress as well as your progress on all 3 Primary and 3 Secondary weapons that you bring into each match!

  • Many other server crashes and other bugs fixed!