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News and Updates

PLAY BETA 2.0 - May the 4th!


This week we celebrate with you the incredible launch of Armajet Beta 2.0! We know that many of you were eager to experience all of the massive gameplay changes 2 and we definitely understand that the features in this current build are limited but we also want to reiterate that our update cycle will be every 2 weeks (or sooner) depending on the feedback and bug reports received during this very short Beta 2.0 period. TL;DR: You’re given 3 weapon loadouts that are randomly assigned per match and Magma 2.0 map-cycle, but with all weapons and perks accessible. Another thing to note, all player data from 1.0 is preserved including Player Badges which will eventually make its way into your user profile for 2.0+ once we’re closer to soft launch… so worry not about the 1.0 memories as those are very important to us as well.


  • Cycle through multiple random weapon layouts per match; pay close attention to projectile hit registering
  • Play multiple rounds to discover the all new weapon changes; we will welcome all weapon feedback!
  • Magma 2.0 comes with all new VFX, jump pads, health, double-damage and shield pickups… play around with the new map detail and activatables!
  • Beta Testers: when reporting bugs remember “Clean” matches are started immediately after game is launched; “Dirty” matches are once you begin a new match cycle after the first match (this is important for reporting)
  • Test the game on/off WiFi and Cellular Data (if possible) for gameplay changes due to connectivity
  • All match instances are pooled randomly with other users (for now). Chances are higher to queue with your friends by synchronize pressing the ‘Play’ button; please provide feedback on joining matches!
  • We would absolutely appreciate any beta feedback given and some of the quickest ways to report feedack or bugs would be on in the #bug-reporting-beta2 channel. A bug may already be reported so also reference #known-issues for the most up-to-date news. A direct link to the feedback form is here as well.

One of the most wanted map comebacks by the community… welcome back Moon! Known as the de facto Capture-the-Flag team-based map standard, Moon has been completely upgraded with an incredibly detailed background space scene of a moon, surrounded by near-miss asteroids and shooting stars. Further enhancements include even more detailed fauna and vent effects, foreground reflective panels based on your position, and pulsating energy light-bridges. Take some time to look around before you hit that ‘Join’ button!


Don’t forget about the issued hotfixes this week for BOTH iOS and Android users! Multiple connectivity, gameplay, and perk issues were addressed with the full list of fixes posted on our Discord channel under #announcements (5/3). If you don’t receive notifications on your devices, manually update your devices via Google Play Store and Testflight. Users should observe a much better playing experience going forward.


As we’ve hinted both on past streams and on a few discord discussions lately, the next map up that’s been given a significant visual update is Snow Base… as we head into Week 2 of Beta 2.0, we’ll drop more details and even artwork as we get closer to testing gameplay stability on that map.

DEV STREAM 2.0 5/4 @ 2PM PST:

Don’t miss this stream… remember, there are ALWAYS a few stream exclusives and potential giveaways to be seen and this one includes a quick #AMA from none other than the Nicola Geretti himself! Remember, we stream every week to all our official channels below, with VODs saved to Youtube for your replay needs.



  • Gameplay scene animations for End of Round implemented
  • New FX added to Snow Base 2.0
  • Temple 2.0 face lift underway
  • Map 6 design kicked off
  • End of Round player progression bangup sequences designed
  • New QA contractor has started work (we think you’ll be happy to hear!)

Lastly… #MayThe4thBeWithYou!